Our Rest API's



We've split our software into different Rest API's so developers who are interested can use parts of our software to build new awesome products.

Here's a short overview of the Rest API's we offer:

  • Scan Rest API: Automatically processes search queries in search engines
  • Url Match Rest API: Automatic comparison of the content of source articles with the content found on specific URL's.
  • Url Data Rest API: Scrapes specific data from URL's, like social media likes, source, etc.
  • Domain Rest API: Automatic enrichment of domains with company info, SEO and social media data.
  • Contact Rest API: Automatic enrichment of domains with full contactdetails from specific persons in an organisation.
  • Screenshot Rest API: Automatically creates screenshots with time stamp of spefici URL's.

Photo credit: Roebot via Foter.com / CC BY-SA