Monitor your content and benchmark it against the web


Monitor for data

Ever wondered what would happen if you where able to compare your content with the available content on the internet?! Exactly! You would collect massive amounts of valuable data. And with Matchhamster now you can do just that!

Our automated import makes it easy for you to import your articles in bulk. After that our custom built websearch engine automatically performs high volume online searches on this content to collect data. Lot's and lot's of data.

Convert data to intelligence

Of course data is just data without context. Matchhamster structures the data to give you that context so you can:

  • deliver the right Leads to Sales
  • feed the best Channels to Communications
  • give Management advice on strategic Decisions
  • forward Copyright Infringements and Plagiarism to Legal
  • share Insights on content consumption with Editiorial
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